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Baloch youth set up club in Canada

Some Baloch youth in Canada have incorporated an organization named Baloch Canadian Club under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporation Act.

The club is headquartered in Toronto, home to a significant number of Baloch families.

Its representative said they would soon start their activities across Canada by contacting like-minded individuals, especially the youth.

Speaking to Balochistan Times, Yusra Baloch, the girl behind the initiative, said, “It is a youth initiative. We, the Baloch youth, in Canada felt last year that we needed a platform to organize our activities to promote our culture, education etc etc. So we sat together and came up with this idea of the Baloch Canadian Club, a social club.”

When asked whether the club would undertake political or religious activities, Salman Baloch, who worked closely with Yusra Baloch to incorporate the organization, replied with a big “No”.

“The club does not allow any kind of political and religious activities under its name, though we know that both are basic pillars of a society. But the Baloch Canadian Club has no such intention. We are mainly focused on community work, facilitating Baloch international students, and teaching Balochi language to our kids and other cultural endeavours that we think need our attention.”

The Baloch Canadian Club also aims at working closely with the other social organizations set up by the Baloch Diaspora across the world.

“We want to streamline the efforts by different Baloch diaspora organizations across the world. We aim at working closely with them on various projects like standardization of the Balochi language, changing the Balochi script to Roman and organizing online and onsite seminars, conferences and carrying out long term projects.”

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2 thoughts on “Baloch youth set up club in Canada”

  1. Good effort to empower and create awareness of Baloch culture and language. But why the need to change Baluchi script to Roman?


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